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So you bought a gun or thinking about buying a gun...what should you know about gun ownership? This Firearms Safety Seminar will provide new gun owners with the must-know information in an easy-to-understand way delivered by certified firearms instructors. This is an interactive one-hour seminar that includes demonstrations and Q&As to cover common questions about gun safety and handling, gun selection, ammunition, cleaning, maintenance, storage and legal requirements.


Other related courses:

  • Basic Pistol and Basic Rifle courses are considered alternative options. Content in this Firearms Safety Seminar will be covered in Basic Pistol and Basic Rifle courses as well. You will receive a course fee credit if you choose to take this seminar and follow-up with a Basic Pistol or Basic Rifle class.

  • Conceal Carry course is a popular follow-on course for firearm owners considering carrying firearms in the public under concealment.



​"I took this class when I was still trying to figure out whether or not to buy a gun and which one to buy. The class was helpful for me to understand what all goes into gun ownership and what I should think about for secure storage. I am going to take the Basic Pistol Course next to learn some shooting fundamentals!"

-Julia M.

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