This intermediate-level course develops the essential practical skills and mindset for using firearms for your personal safety. You will learn the techniques for close-range defensive shooting, use of cover and concealment, firearm storage, escape route planning, tactical reload, considerations of shoot vs don't-shoot, and the aftermath of defensive shooting. This is a hands-on course and a must-attend class for home protection. This course is taught by nationally accredited certified firearms instructors. Please contact clark@traintodefend.org to sign up.



Other related courses

  • Basic Pistol course or equivalent class or substitutable experience is a pre-requisite in demonstrating fundamental pistol knowledge and skills.

  • Conceal carry course is a popular companion course.


​"Personal protection was a lot more than I thought would learn. New things that I learned include learning to defend the home with vantage points, how to escape, where to keep a safe room, and low-light shooting were all fantastic."

-Jeremiah G., after taking the Personal Protection Course