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Our nationally accredited certified firearms instructors will prepare you to become competent on all pistol fundamentals. This course is centered on increasing your confidence with core knowledge and skills in operating the firearm.


Designed for both new and longtime gun owners, this course consists of classroom learning, hands-on demonstration, and on-the-range shooting practice.

We will spend about two hours in the classroom and the rest of the time on the range for live fire practice. This is a low-stress, non-political environment where the focus is on participant learning, so we will be going at your pace.

Class sizes are designed to have maximum instructor time with each student. Classes are held at Shooting Sports Northwest 17907 Bothell Everett Hwy, Bothell, WA 98012. The range charges a $50 use-fee for non-members. This range use-fee includes a rental pistol if needed.

Other related courses

  • Basic Rifle course is often taken as a companion course.

  • Most participants take Personal Protection and Conceal Carry courses after Basic Pistol. These follow-up courses are considered as intermediate-level courses and the completion of Basic Pistol is a pre-requisite.

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