​"As a new gun owner, the Women on Target Seminar was helpful to my understanding of how to safely operate a gun. It was scary for me to handle and shoot a gun for the first time, but I was very grateful Clark offered me support along the way as well as tips, like how to grip the gun. I would definately reccomend this seminar to both new and experienced female gun owners!"

-Kelsey W., after taking the Women on Target


This is an introduction firearm safety seminar exclusively for women. Whether you are thinking about purchasing a firearm or want to increase your confidence and competency with firearms, this course is a great starting point. You will learn the basics of firearm safety, shooting fundamentals, shooting positions, ammunition selection, basic maintenance, and storage requirements. The classroom portion will cover knowledge and mindset supported by hands-on range session for practical shooting exercises. Classes are held at Shooting Sports Northwest 17907 Bothell Everett Hwy, Bothell, WA 98012.


Other related courses:

  • Basic Pistol and Basic Rifle courses are considered alternative options. Content in this Firearms Safety Seminar will be covered in Basic Pistol and Basic Rifle courses as well. You will receive a course fee credit if you choose to take this seminar and follow-up with a Basic Pistol or Basic Rifle class.

  • Conceal Carry course is a popular follow-on course for firearm owners considering carrying firearms in the public under concealment.